Media Training

Thanks to the support of the John Templeton Foundation, we are creating a series of web-based trainings for our Expanding Gratitude research grant recipients to hone their skills at both writing and talking about their research for the popular press and lay audiences. These trainings will not only help disseminate the results from this project, but will also improve the researchers’ general skills at communicating their research, paying dividends to both the research community and the public down the line.

The GGSC is producing and running these trainings in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Media Relations team. The trainings draw on the GGSC’s extensive experience communicating research findings to the public, along with the well-honed trainings Media Relations has delivered for years, covering topics like effective techniques for media interviews. The trainings will combine specific technical tips with the GGSC’s particular insights into communicating the science of gratitude.

In the future, we will make these trainings available to other academics based at UC Berkeley, as part of our mission to translate scientific findings into venues and language accessible to the general public.

  • “The Teaching and Learning for the Greater Good course was a gift not only to me, to my school community, and to our country, but also to the world. Talk about a ripple effect...”

    ― Faye Viray, Course Participant

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