The Greater Good Science Center works with organizations that want to ground their work more deeply in the science of a meaningful life. We can help you inject empathy, gratitude, and well-being into the core of your organization, and development measurement tools to track your progress. Please note that we do not provide paid endorsements of products or services.

To find out if we can help your organization, please email us.

The types of consulting offered by the GGSC include:

Organizational Consulting | Product Consulting | Media Consulting | Educational Consulting 

Organizational Consulting

The GGSC helps leaders and organizations infuse their organizational cultures with effective, research-based strategies for boosting happiness, kindness, and resilience to stress. We help our clients prioritize positive relationships and a leadership style that embodies social and emotional intelligence. Past clients include:

SFMTA: The GGSC provided research-based feedback on a company-wide gratitude program for San Francisco’s transportation agency.

LG: The GGSC partnered with LG on the company’s Experience Happiness program.

Product Consulting

The GGSC provides research-based advice for organizations creating products intended to foster happiness, social connection, or emotional intelligence in users. Past clients include:

Facebook: GGSC’s Faculty and Science Directors, Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas helped Facebook support resolution between people with different views on posts and accurately capture the emotions depicted in the emoticons users can insert into their messages.

Media Consulting

The GGSC provides input into videos, scripts, books, and other content to ensure that they are scientifically strong and accurate. Past clients include:

The Jim Henson Company: The GGSC Education Program developed and wrote an educational framework for Teeny Tiny Dogs, a television program for preschoolers.

Pixar: GGSC Faculty Director, Dacher Keltner worked with Pixar’s creative team to bring the science of emotion to life in the Academy Award-winning film Inside Out.

Random House/Disney: The GGSC Education Program provided scientific input and guidance on The Emotions’ Survival Guide, a book for children 7-12 based on the movie Inside Out.

Educational Consulting

Our education program also consults with schools and educational organizations that want to incorporate the principles of social-emotional learning (SEL) into their work. Clients have included San Francisco’s Millennium School, Palo Alto Unified School District, and the International School of Bangkok. To learn more about our educational consulting programs, email

  • Barbara Fredrickson
    “We scientists need partnerships with organizations like the GGSC because we’re not experts in reaching loads of people on a regular basis. Providing sustained delivery of content that’s thoughtful, not over-the-top, appropriately measured, and empirically grounded—that’s what the GGSC does better than anybody.”

    Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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