Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Greater Good Science Center. If you have a question about the GGSC, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!

How can I get involved with the Greater Good Science Center?

There are several ways individuals and organizations can get involved with the Greater Good Science Center:

  • Join our email lists to receive our latest articles, announcements about upcoming events, and other updates.
  • Volunteer at one of our live events.
  • Make a donation to support the GGSC’s activities.
  • Become a member of the GGSC and enjoy access to special articles and videos, discounts on GGSC books and events, and more.

How is the Greater Good Science Center affiliated with UC Berkeley?

The GGSC is a UC Berkeley center, founded thanks to a collaboration between Berkeley psychology faculty, a Berkeley dean, and two Berkeley alumni, Tom and Ruth Ann Hornaday. It is part of the university’s Institute of Human Development, which has been an organized research unit of UC Berkeley since 1927. The GGSC’s director, Dacher Keltner, is a professor at Berkeley, and the GGSC funds annual graduate and undergraduate research fellowships for Berkeley students. Many other Berkeley faculty sit on the GGSC’s Advisory & Science Boards.

The Center also partners with various other groups on campus, including the Institute of Personality and Social Psychology, the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, the International House, and Dacher Keltner’s Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory.

How is the Greater Good Science Center funded?

The Center has thrived due to the generosity of many private donors, including its founding donors, Thomas and Ruth Ann Hornaday, as well as the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, the John Templeton Foundation, the Herb Alpert Foundation, the Quality of Life Foundation, and thousands of individuals. Proceeds from the GGSC’s events and its membership program also fund the Center’s activities.

How does the Greater Good Science Center support research?

The Center’s Fellowship Program nurtures and supports a diverse body of scientific research connected to the GGSC’s mission. To learn more about the program, see our past undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellows.

How can I purchase a Greater Good Science Center T-shirt, tote bag, or other product?

T-shirts, tote bags, and other GGSC items are available for sale at our events and also through our Cafe Press online store. You can purchase our Greater Good Toolkit through Holstee here and our Greater Good Toolkit for Kids through Holstee here.