From our base at UC Berkeley, we support the careers of emerging and accomplished researchers whose work contributes to the science of a meaningful life. Though the funding we offer is primarily dedicated to research fellowships for UC Berkeley students, we occasionally offer grants to other researchers as part of specific scientific initiatives. We do not have any open funding opportunities for researchers at the moment.

We also support the careers of researchers in a variety of other ways, particularly by helping them share their findings with a wide popular audience. Our online magazine, events, and media training program help researchers communicate the significance and potential applications of their work to the public, practitioners, the media, and even potential funders. As a service to researchers (and others), we have also produced a series of white papers that synthesize decades of research on topics including generosity, gratitude, and awe, highlighting many significant studies while also identifying key insights that have emerged over time.

We do not host visiting scholars at the Greater Good Science Center; all researchers connected to the GGSC perform their work at their own institutions. Outside researchers who want to study the science of compassion, happiness, and related scientific topics at UC Berkeley should contact the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory, directed by GGSC Faculty Director Dacher Keltner, which is a more traditional research lab in the university's psychology department.

  • Brene Brown
    “The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, is one of my favorite online stomping grounds.”

    Brene Brown, Ph.D., from her best-selling book Rising Strong

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