The Science of Finding Flow

The latest 100% self-paced online course from Dr. Christine Carter.

  • Venue: Online
  • Date: Flexible

The Science of Finding Flow will show you how to relieve stress and anxiety, enjoy your weekends and vacations more, stop checking your phone and email compulsively, get motivated to work, and manage your time more effectively. You’ll be happier and more successful both at home and work.

Every single day….Millions of people overwork, multitask, and focus so much that they fail to enjoy the lives they’ve worked so hard to create. In reality, such behaviors limit productivity, creativity, intelligence, and satisfaction with life.

In 9 self-paced units, Dr. Christine Carter will teach you how to optimize your brain (to detox, focus, feel, and flourish) so that you can allow your most joyful, productive, energetic, and successful self to emerge. You’ll master how to be happy, and accomplish your goals while still having energy left over for the things you want to do.

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