The Purpose Summit

Two days of inspiring speakers, engaging discussions, and transformative practices aimed at awakening humanity’s highest expression of purpose

Have you ever been so fully engaged in a mission that your body, heart, and mind felt like they were all perfectly aligned? Have you ever found yourself in a state of flow and synchronicity where it almost felt that the whole universe was conspiring to support you? Have you ever experienced a moment, or week, or year when your life just seemed to make sense — when your gifts, the world’s needs, and the support to connect the two were seamlessly interwoven together? The more you align with your own unique personal purpose, the more these instances will become less a spontaneous occurrence and more a simple way of being.

The organizers of the Global Purpose Movement are convinced that purpose can serve as a unifying force for humanity. Join The Purpose Summit to find out.

Throughout the weekend, you will:

* Learn how purpose can be a powerful tool for human flourishing
* Experience new ways of connecting to your essential nature and expressing your unique purpose
* Unite with other attendees in group practices to consciously evolve and embody our collective purpose
* Explore the role of purpose in diverse fields, including wellness, spirituality, individual transformation, social action, business, education, science, government, and technology