The Mindful Business Conference

The Eventful Group, Mindful Magazine and Whil present the Mindful Business Conference featuring business leaders from Aetna, SAP, NASA, and many more.

  • Date: May 9-10, 2016

Many corporate leaders are bringing mindfulness practices into the workplace and seeing an impressive list of business outcomes.

An engaged workforce, enhanced high performance, and effective leadership–-these are only a few of the real and measureable positive impacts mindfulness can have. It’s an emerging field, yet scientific research is already suggesting multiple benefits for the workplace.

Join an extraordinarily diverse group of corporate leaders who will share their experiences in bringing a variety of mindfulness practices into the workplace. Hear about the successes as well as the failures, and learn how these practices can bring tangible benefit to your business.

Featuring Congressman Tim Ryan, Dan Harris, Rhonda Magee, and more.