The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (AUGUST 5-8, 2013)

An event providing workshops for K-12 Educators and Administrators

  • Venue: Hillsborough, CA
  • Date: August 5-8, 2013

Note: This is not a Greater Good Science Center event.

These identical four-day events take place July 29-August 1 in Santa Rosa, CA, and August 5-8 in Hillsborough, CA. The goal is to provide professional and personal renewal, researched and time-tested curricula resources, and thoughtful reflections and discussions for educators and administrators.

Break out sessions will cover a myriad of topics, including:

  • Peace-building, Conflict Resolution, and Play: Making a Way for Friendship (Grades K-5)
  • The Influence of the Media on the Middle and High School Student: Opportunity for SEL (Grades 5-12)
  • The Emotion Thermometer: Practices to Promote Self-Regulation and Resiliency (Grades K-12)
  • The Identity Puzzle: Who am I? What do I believe? (Grades 5-12)
  • Emerging SEL Curriculum for Middle and High School Students: Themes, Discussions and Experiences (Grades 5-12)
  • Story Time - Activating Social and Emotional Learning through Literacy (Grades K-3)
  • Play on Purpose: Active Team and Cooperative Building Exercises (Grades 4-12)

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