The Foundations of Mind: Cognition and Consciousness

Join the world’s leading cognitive scientists and consciousness scholars for this unique event as mind and consciousness are explored.

  • Venue: International House, UC Berkeley Campus
  • Date: March 6-7, 2014

The world’s top scholars and neuroscientists discuss cutting-edge issues related to cognition and consciousness. Topics include:

Does quantum mechanics have a role in our consciousness?
Can brain imaging in fMRI explain all that we are?
What is ecological consciousness?

Confirmed plenary speakers / panelists include:

Stuart Kauffman (University of Vermont)
Terry Deacon (University of California Berkeley)
Henry Stapp (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley)
Ed Vul (UC San Diego)
Jacob Needleman (San Francisco State University)
Jerome Feldman (International Computer Science Institute—UC Berkeley)
Tom Griffiths (UC Berkeley)
Robert Campbell (Clemson University)
Mike Cole (UCSD)
José Acacio de Barros (SFSU / Stanford University)
Seán Ó Nualláin (University of Ireland)
Fr. Robert Spitzer (Magis Institute)
Tony Bell (UC Berkeley)
Stanley Klein (UC Berkeley)
Carlos Montemayor (SFSU)
And more.