Sustainable Brands Conference

Life’s Good: Experience Happiness, hosted by LG

What is The Good Life? Happiness can feel fleeting, elusive, and difficult to describe. But it’s not just an emotion, researchers studying social emotional well-being define happiness as a balance, the combination of how often and robust our positive emotional experiences are, how gracefully we recover from difficult experiences, and how meaningful and worthwhile we feel our lives are.

Happiness is the ability to consistently recognize that Life’s Good, even if it’s hard sometimes and the ability to learn from and bounce back from the hard times.

Join Sustainable Brands & LG to explore six skills that lead to sustainable happiness. Over 70 years of research has revealed that Happiness is achievable, and according to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, happiness skills can be learned, taught and practiced. Join this interactive discussion and hands-on learning luncheon and… Experience Happiness!

** Lunch is only open to registered conference attendees **