Safe Conversation Workshop

SAFE CONVERSATION™ is a structured relational process that helps people create a safe space in which they can interact without criticism and judgment, transcending polarization and connecting beyond difference.

  • Venue: Santa Monica
  • Date: September 1, 2018
  • Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM PDT
  • Price: $30

The process has two forms Safe Conversation Dialogue (SCD) which is a conversation between two people and Safe Conversation Communologue which is a conversation in a group. In the learning stage, both are guided processes, but as the element gets familiar, they are integrated into all of life in all ecosystems an can become a new norm in all conversations. In this space, the win/lose polarity is transcended and replaced by collaboration, cooperation, and co-creation in which every voice is heard, valued and validated. Respectful speaking and respectful listening replace all forms of negativity—shaming, blaming, criticizing or showing contempt—with mutual respect and cohesiveness.

The word conversation come from two Greek roots, dia meaning “through” and logos meaning"word”. This workshop is a form of responsible, non-judgemental talking and accurate non-judgemental listening, that creates a “space between” in which everyone feels safe to experience connecting and aliveness. The goal is to create safety, creativity, consensus and decision making in all groups and in all human ecosystems.

The purpose of this event is to create a safe space that allows all voices to be heard, to gather the collective view of the group and, at times, to make a decision that includes group consensus….sorely needed in #SantaMonica. In all cases, the process requires that speakers and listeners replace all negativity with curiosity and acceptance. This allows for collaboration, cooperation, and co-creation, the modes of interaction in the relational culture.

Fee includes lunch and materials.