Rick Hanson: The Strong Heart: Positive Neuroplasticity for Resilient Relationships.

This interactive weekend at 1440 is designed to help you develop a stable experience of calm strength.

It’s been said that there are two wolves in the heart—one of love and one of hate—and that everything depends on which we feed each day. We see these dynamics in everyday relationships, including in couples, families, schools, and workplaces. Most of us find that we can live as one or the other: to be compassionate and caring, or to be firm and assertive. But with hard work, we can integrate those two “wolves,” living with strength and with heart.

Join New York Times best-selling author Rick Hanson, PhD, for an interactive weekend designed to help you develop a stable experience of calm strength. Use practical methods of positive neuroplasticity to turn everyday experiences into lasting mental resources. You’ll empower yourself to stay present with others while remaining centered, to respect the needs of others while honoring your own, and to assert yourself with both kindness and confidence—whether you are relating to family members, lovers, friends, or co-workers.

In this immersive, information-rich workshop, you’ll explore:

-A greater sense of interrelatedness, lovingkindness, and virtue in all your relationships
-User-friendly information and tools that you can apply to your life right now
-Deepening the embodied sense of feeling valued, liked, and loved
-Integrating kindness and assertiveness into important relationships