Prosperity For All: 2014 BALLE Conference

The 12th Annual BALLE Conference will bring hundreds of thought leaders to Oakland to dive deep into the most energized issues in the Localist movement today. Featuring a keynote by GGSC’s Dacher Keltner

  • Venue: Scottish Rite Center, Oakland, CA
  • Date: June 11-13, 2014
  • Price: $65-$625

Featuring the Greater Good Science Center’s founding director, Dacher Keltner, this conference will explore the challenges, emerging trends, opportunities and ways to rebuild our economic system in six critical areas: Finance for Resilient Local Economies; Ecosystems for Community Entrepreneurship; Leadership Development for a New Economy; a Localist Policy Agenda; the New Food Economy; and the Future of Ownership.

The event is designed specifically for local economy leaders that want to connect with their peers, learn about innovations happening on the ground, and bring valuable insights back to their own communities. 

If you are a…

Local or regional convener
Community foundation
Community Capital innovator
Local economy funder or philanthropist
Business incubator or technical assistance organization
Mission-driven business leader
Social entrepreneur
Food systems advocate
Economic development officer
Local ownership pioneer
Policy maker
Or a local economy leader of any kind…

This is for you!