Mindfulness & Education Conference

A gathering of influential mindfulness leaders to discuss ways to bring mindfulness to youth and equip them with lifelong mindfulness tools.

  • Venue: Rhinebeck, NY
  • Date: July 27-29, 2012

This is not a Greater Good Science Center event.

Omega presents this conference featuring United States Congressman Tim Ryan, meditation teacher and cast member of MTV’s If You Really Knew Me, co-founder of Mindful Schools Megan Cowan, and many more. The event will include a variety of keynote lectures interspersed with Q&A sessions, workshops, panels, and transformative group sessions.

Attendees can expect to engage in discussions regarding:
-The concept of a mindful society
-Challenges and opportunities of implementing new mindfulness programs in schools
-Mindfulness with at-risk youth
and much more.

Visit http://eomega.org/workshops/mindfulness-education-conference for more information and to register now.

This is not a Greater Good Science Center event.