Mindful Workplace Summit

Gather with hundreds of leaders at this multi-day summit to learn how to create a more mindful work environment that benefits everyone.

There’s been a shift happening in the workplace lately. More and more employees want to feel a sense of purpose in what they do, and a real connection to the organization’s mission. They’re often not satisfied remaining at an organization where they don’t.

Technological distractions and dissatisfaction at work are leading to alarming levels of employee disengagement. Only 33% of U.S. workers are now actively engaged at work, according to a comprehensive 2016 Gallup study. A full 67% of workers said they are either not engaged or are actively disengaged.

This is having real consequences for organizations - both with employee productivity and retention, and with organizations’ bottom lines.

Here’s What’s Possible for Your Organization

People-centered organizations are solving these issues by putting people first. They’re putting the responsibility for engagement and meaning on the organization, not the employee.

GATHER AT THE SUMMIT WITH HUNDREDS OF corporate, non-profit, government and education leaders, HR professionals, mindfulness and leadership trainers, mindful workplace champions, and others to learn:

  • How to bring mindfulness into the workplace
  • How to create a mindful workplace culture
  • How forward-thinking organizations are retaining employees by helping them to feel more purposeful and engaged
  • How employee happiness is proven to lead to a healthier and better-performing workplace
  • How creating people-centered organizations is producing bottom-line results