Mindful Leadership Summit -2018

The Mindful Leadership Summit is the world’s largest gathering devoted to the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the workplace.

  • Date: Nov 1st - 4th 2018

That’s what Mindful Leadership is all about. It’s about recognizing that your leadership is in service to others. It’s about creating the space in your life to cultivate self-awareness, compassion and leading with authenticity in a way that inspires others. Doing this, we can transform our own lives, our organizations, our communities – and the world. 

If you aspire to bring Mindfulness to your organization, then this is the Pre-Eminent Opportunity to join the Movement and learn how to redefine Leadership for the 21st century.

The Summit Program Includes:
Keynote talks
Panel discussions
Interactive workshops
Contemplative practice
Mindful movement
Opportunities to share and connect
Success stories
Social events
Optional day of leadership intensives

Full Day Leadership Intensives (Optional)
Thursday, November 1 & Sunday, November 4 from 9:00am - 3:30pm
Thursday Option 1: Amit Sood from Mayo Clinic
Experience SMART (Stress Management and Resiliency Training) a structured approach to enhance self-awareness, focus, and positive mindset based on integrating cutting-edge advances in neurosciences with timeless principles. The program has been tested in over 20 completed research studies at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere, with the results showing consistent and strong improvement in stress, anxiety, happiness, and positive health behaviors.

Thursday Option 2: The Flourishing Center
Discover what 30 years of research has uncovered about the science of resilience. Help yourself and others bounce back better from ANY adversity, big or small. In this training learn the foundational mental, emotional, physical and spiritual/social skills for resilience. Full day participants will earn a Certificate of Level 1 Completion in the Bounce Back Better® (B³) Program from The Flourishing Center, the worlds leader in positive psychology practitioner training programs.

Sunday Option 1: Conscious Leadership Group
Join Jim Dethmer, co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group, and discover the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Learn practical ways to bring emotional intelligence into the workplace, how to shift from being reactive to being present and how to use candor & authenticity to shift a workplace conversation or culture.

Sunday Option 2: New Ventures West
Our world is being disrupted, rearranged, collapsing in many ways. It is tempting to distract ourselves or throw up our hands in resignation. However, it is possible to re-find our feet, stand with resolve and dignity, reawaken our courage and sensitivity, and reoccupy our hearts and our connections to everyone. How? Join James Flaherty for this important exploration.

Sunday Option 3: The High Performance Learning Center
Learn about the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qigong during Michael Gelb’s Post-Summit Intensive. The workshop will be broken down into two parts. Part 1 will look at Mindfulness in Motion and provide an introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong. Part 2 will provide a deep dive into the applications of Tai Chi and Qigong principles for Leadership.

Sunday Option 4: Naropa University
Participate in an experiential workshop titled Death as Catalyst: An Exploration of How to Develop Fearless Leadership. Mindfulness practices will be used to guide participants into a contemplation of their own mortality, bringing heart-centered clarity to the values and priorities that inform their leadership style and daily decisions.

NOTE:  You can update your intensive option at any point so long as there is space available. 

We plan to release more details about the schedule and intensives as they become available.