Mission Be Mindful Teacher Training

Training in NY and California is open for all K-12 administrators, teachers, school counselors and social workers and others working with youth.

  • Venue: NYC and Bay Area
  • Date: Feb. 20-22 and March 6-8, 2015
  • Price: $280

Mission Be is a non-profit organization bringing mindful education to schools in New York and more recently Northern California. This spring, Mission Be is ​organizing ​two weekend trainings for educators interested in bringing mindfulness practices to children and youth.






Participants will have opportunities to:
➲ Develop or Deepen Educator Self-Care Practice
The weekend experience is designed to help participants enhance their personal self-care and relaxation practice. Each day
includes dedicated time for concrete mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and improve well-being in body and mind. This includes daily morning and evening mindful meditation sessions, mindful eating, mindful walking, lying down relaxation, and many informal mindfulness practices. Our hope for participants for the weekend is to not only learn how to bring mindfulness to youth but also come away from the weekend refreshed and rejuvenated.

➲ Learn Mindfulness Facilitation Skills  
The weekend will train educators in Mission Be’s 8 Week Mindfulness Program for children in K-5. The training includes Mission Be’s curriculum modules on the science of mindfulness, mindfulness and the brain, mindful communication, reacting vs. responding, empathy, gratitude, and facilitation and class management skills. 

➲ Strengthen Peer Network      
Integrating a new program such as mindfulness in one’s own life or in a classroom provides many challenges. The weekend training offers many opportunities for teachers to authentically connect with and learn from peer educators integrating mindfulness in their lives and in the classroom.

Who Should Attend
The weekend is open for all K-12 administrators, teachers, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, meditation and yoga teachers and others working with youth.