Mind and Life Institute’s Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership

Convene with leaders from all sectors of society to explore the fundamental question: what kind of leadership can meet the unprecedented challenges of our time?

  • Venue: Stowe Mountain Lodge
    Stowe, Vermont
  • Date: August 23-29, 2015

ACEL is modeled on Mind and Life’s tradition of bringing together diverse voices to build a deep understanding of the mind, as a way to help reduce suffering and promote human flourishing. Throughout the academy, we will ask how practices of contemplation, both individual and collective, may play key roles in moving the social field from familiar dysfunctional patterns—and giving form to more life-enhancing patterns on behalf of the common good.

The agenda will include presentations, collaborative and experiential learning exercises, and dialogues. Participants’ personal reflections, contemplative practice, and methodology and research explorations will be integral to the program. This convening will generate a shared horizon of inquiry, practice, study, and research to explore the role of contemplation in developing empathy, compassion, and ethics in leadership, in the service of the well-being of all.

To learn more about the application process, featured faculty, and other details, visit the Mind and Life website and click More Info.