Jack Kornfield: The Case for Mindfulness and Wisdom in Law

The Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law is committed to exploring and advancing the benefits of mindfulness in the court room, on the bench, and in the classroom. This event provides a platform for dialogue, research and teaching that connects mindfulness and law practice.

  • Venue: UC Berkeley's Earl Warren Room
  • Date: Wednesday, February 29 2012

Note: This is not a Greater Good Science event.

Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness in Law is sponsoring this Speaker Series, featuring leading law school teacher Jack Kornfield who has drawn on meditation techniques to enhance effectiveness in doing legal work. In the legal profession, with its culture of speed and adversarial energy, mindfulness—cultivated most commonly through meditation—can offer a source of inner calm in the midst of intense intellectual and emotional pressure.

This event offers the Law community introductions to meditation to explore more deeply the law and meditation connection. It also includes insight into ways to enrich law education and practice by providing opportunities to view study and work in law through the lens of mindfulness and wisdom. 

This event is free to the public, and will take place at 4pm. For more information, visit http://www.law.berkeley.edu/