Hero Round Table Conference

The only conference in the world dedicated to talking about heroism, featuring keynote speaker Phillip Zimbardo.

The Hero Round Table is the only conference in the world dedicated entirely to talking about heroism and the people performing heroic deeds. The event invites people from very different backgrounds and walks of life. Like in the famous TED conferences, the speakers present short talks to communicate their core message. Hero Round Table speakers also spend time with the audience by having lunch together, grabbing a drink, and signing books.

This landmark San Francisco event is being run in partnership with the Heroic Imagination Project. The Hero Round Table has a long relationship with HIP - the very first HRT featured HIP founder, Phil Zimbardo, and presented HIP with a prize for great work in promoting heroism.

As well as being a true partner in the running of the event, the Heroic Imagination Project will be running a full-day workshop the day after the Hero Round Table.