EQ Week: Engage the Positive Power of Emotions

Free online events and resources on using emotions as a resource for thriving for managers, teachers, coaches, trainers and you!

  • Venue: Online
  • Date: March 10-15, 2014

How do you use EQ to increase performance?  Learning?  Health?  How can we develop this awareness and these skills?  How do I handle my own and others’ emotions more productively?

EQ Week includes dozens of webinars & resources delivered to you each day, 100% free. Last year we had over 10,000 signups for the festival!

Over 60 speakers from around the globe including:

  • GGSC Education Director Vicki Zakrzewski: What research tell us about teaching positive skills & emotions
  • Dan Siegel: Brainstorm, insights into adolescents from neuroscience
  • Richard Boyatzis: Coaching leaders
  • Mary Helen Immordino Yang: Neuroscience for education
  • Massimiliano Ghini & Joshua Freedman: Breaking Research on EQ in the world today
  • Ayman Sawaf: Putting emotion on the balance sheet

For more information, visit the website here