Educating the Whole Child/Student: Using Brain Science for Smarter, Happier and Healthier Learners

Learning and the Brain - Connecting Educators to Neuroscientists and Researchers presents a 3-day workshop featuring the latest research on how to nurture happy, active, thoughtful, regulated, resilient and responsible students for school and life success.

  • Venue: San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, atop Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA
  • Date: February 16-18, 2012

Note: This is not a Greater Good Science event.

Through a myriad of keynote speakers and workshops, attendees will engage in discussions of leading cognitive and social science research on fostering the most successful students. Learning objectives include:

- Ways to cultivate smarter, happier and healthier students
- Teaching to the whole student in a complex, diverse world
- Strategies for enhancing social-emotional learning
- Promoting student self-regulation and resiliency
- How to create challenging, caring and moral classrooms
- Applying brain and social science to enhance student success
- Benefits of fitness, play and laughter for math and achievement
- Connections between reading, dyslexia, reasoning and IQ
- Importance of social skills and collaborations for LD students
- Effects of hormones, emotions, and stress on children and teens
- Early childhood intervention and school readiness

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