Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to a Happier Life

An internationally recognized 5-month course taught by James Baraz on opening to life with appreciation, resilience, and an open heart

  • Venue: Online and in-person in Berkeley
  • Date: Starts Jan. 31 in Berkeley; Feb. 4 online
  • Price: $200-$280

A 5-month course on opening to life with appreciation, resilience, and an open heart. With a restructured format in 2017 to allow for deeper integration of the methods, it will be offered in-person in Berkeley, California starting January 31, 2017, and online starting February 4, 2017.

Is This the Time to Cultivate Joy?

These are times of uncertainty and concern for many. Since the presidential election, no matter who your chosen candidate was, you can agree that we are all entering uncharted territory. You might ask if it’s appropriate to focus on joy.

James believes that now more than ever we need to stay in touch with all the good inside and around us. Our own joy and inner peace becomes a reminder to others to appreciate all the good in life and, by doing so, bring more consciousness and caring into the world. The course will help you go through life’s ups and downs with more awareness, courage, and vitality.

New Course Format
This year, James is excited to share a NEW version of the Awakening Joy course, where you’ll go deeper into the material than ever before! As the sole presenter, he’ll lead you through the 10 course themes including Gratitude, Learning to Love Ourselves, Finding Joy in Difficult Times, Expressing Our Compassion, and more. The ten classes will be held every other week and will continue for five months through mid-June.

In addition to the live class video and audio recordings, practice letters, and other tools to help you stay on track, he’ll also be offering live video calls between each class to support your process. You’ll have the option to be part of a large global support group as you go through the material, or if you prefer, you can go at your own pace.

You’ll learn to be present in a richer way for your experience, truly savoring all the good moments while developing a greater capacity to meet life’s challenges with wisdom and grace.

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