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“Happy” Membership Level Benefits ($50)

While feeling great about supporting our work, you’ll also receive:

  • Our sincere gratitude—each gift is appreciated!
  • Access to members-only content, including full-length videos from our “Science of a Meaningful Life” series and our Summer Institutes for Educators, including Dacher Keltner, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and many others.
  • A 20% discount on our “Science of a Meaningful Life” seminars and webcasts.
  • 25% off Christine Carter’s new class The Science of Finding Flow.
  • 20% off any level of membership at the International Positive Psychology Association.
  • 10% off books sold at GGSC’s live events.
  • Exclusive members-only events, receptions, and webinars.

“Delighted” Membership Level Benefits ($100)

In addition to the mood-lifting oxytocin rush that comes from being generous, you’ll enjoy all of the above benefits, along with:

  • A GGSC tote bag made by our friends at Social Imprints.
  • One annual “Bring a Friend” 50% discount on any “Science of a Meaningful Life” event, in-person or online.
  • 20% off books sold at GGSC’s live events.

“Joyous” Membership Level Benefits ($500)

Research shows that spending on others makes people feel happier than simply spending on themselves. When you support our work, you will receive all of the above benefits, plus:

  • 50% off any one GGSC seminar, conference, or event.
  • Preferred seating at all GGSC seminars and events.
  • A GGSC book of your choice.
  • An invitation for you and a friend to attend our annual gathering of GGSC fellows and faculty.

“Ecstatic” Membership Level Benefits ($1,000+)

Did you know that making a financial donation triggers the reward centers of our brains? By making this generous gift to the GGSC at a leadership level, you’ll enjoy that blast of euphoria, complimentary attendance at any one GGSC event, all of the above benefits, and:

  • Support our research fellowships.
  • Underwrite the GGSC’s media initiatives.
  • Help shape our programs.
  • Expand our scope and reach.