Why to Be Good, How to Be Happy

September 8, 2009

This Thursday, the Greater Good Science Center will be hosting "Why to Be Good, How to Be Happy," the third seminar in its "Science of a Meaningful Life" series and its first in Los Angeles.

We want to hear from those of you attending and give you a chance to connect with one another. Comment on this post to share a bit about your interests and reasons for attending, with an eye toward generating some fruitful discussion among like-minded people and colleagues. And please check this blog after the event to share ideas and feedback with fellow attendees. This space should be a resource for those of you looking for innovative applications of ground-breaking science.

What are you hoping to get out of the event?

Who would you like to connect with at the event, for what purpose?

How do you hope the presentations will help you in your personal or professional life?

We've heard from one attendee who'd like to start a regular discussion group for those interested in the topics explored by Thursday's seminar–happiness, compassion, altruism. Would this be something that interests you?

We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

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