Welcome to the New Website of the GGSC!

June 9, 2017

Welcome to the new website of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley!

Why did we create this new site? Our mission is to support cutting-edge scientific research and turn these insights into stories, tips, tools, and resources for a happier life and more compassionate society. Until now, you’ve been able to find us at greatergood.berkeley.edu—the home of our online magazine, Greater Good, along with some limited information about the rest of our organization.

But since we launched that website, the Greater Good Science Center has grown tremendously, thanks to the support of people like you. Greater Good, designed primarily to feature our articles and videos, could no longer adequately showcase all of our programs and new activities.

Today, we reach millions of readers every year with Greater Good, which has now been redesigned and relaunched as well. But we offer so much more, including our online gratitude journal, Thnx4.org, and our library of research-tested practices for a happier and more compassionate life, Greater Good in Action.

Our events and conferences have reached thousands of people with talks by some of today’s leading scientists, and nearly 500,000 people have registered for our online Science of Happiness course.

On top of that, we now have a mature and diversified program to support the social and emotional well-being of educators (and their students), including our Summer Institute for Educators. And we’re launching new programs targeted at parents, health professionals, and workplace leaders. We continue to support the careers of emerging scientists at UC Berkeley, and to help fund investigations into “pro-social” emotions and behaviors like gratitude.

That’s a lot, to be sure—and it’s the job of this site to help connect people like you with everything we have to offer.

Please do take a few minutes to click around this site and discover the work of the Greater Good Science Center. And when you’re done, visit the redesigned Greater Good magazine, which now allows you to bookmark articles, videos, podcasts, and quizzes—managed from a page called “My Greater Good.” Both sites are now more accessible to people with visual, auditory, motor, and other disabilities.

None of these improvements would have been possible without the commitment of our staff and many supporters. In particular, Greater Good editor Jeremy Adam Smith was the driving force behind both sites; his vision and persistence willed them into existence. Their beautiful look is the handiwork of Project6 Design, and those designs were brought to your screen through the meticulous coding of our longtime web developers, Hop Studios. And this entire project received critical and generous support from the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this letter. If you have any feedback or if you spot any problems with our new sites, we want to hear about it. Email “greater at berkeley dot edu” and let us know.

With gratitude,

Dacher Keltner
Co-founder and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science Center
Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

Jason Marsh
Director of Programs & Editor-in-Chief
Greater Good Science Center

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