The GGSC is Hiring an Associate Editor!

June 15, 2023

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley (GGSC) is currently looking for a full-time Associate Editor to expand and deepen its coverage of “the science of a meaningful life,” exploring topics like gratitude, empathy, compassion, mindfulness, and the keys to bridging differences.

This is a two-year contract position that provides UC Berkeley benefits. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three writing samples, as a single attachment, to editor Jeremy Adam Smith at with the subject line “Application for Associate Editor.”

About the Greater Good Science Center

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley (GGSC) studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society. Since its founding more than two decades ago, the GGSC has highlighted the importance of building social connection not only within communities but across groups, offering practical strategies for overcoming bias and prejudice, expanding one’s circle of care, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

The GGSC’s organizational culture prioritizes independence, rigor, and the well-being of its members. Staff members enjoy autonomy and flexibility while working in a culture that encourages teamwork, connection, and collaboration. Recognizing that the science we cover has been shaped by systemic biases and inequities, we aim to address and correct for these prejudices whenever possible—a goal on which we elaborate in our Diversity Statement.

Its online magazine, Greater Good, turns scientific research into stories, tips, and tools for a happier life and a more compassionate society. Through articles, videos, quizzes, podcasts, and more, we bridge the gap between scientific journals and people’s daily lives, particularly for parents, educators, business and nonprofit leaders, and health professionals.

That application of science to real lives is core to the mission of the magazine. However, though much of our work draws on psychological and neuroscience research, its scope is wider than the individual. We also draw on sociology, economics, anthropology, and other fields in order to understand well-being in groups.

Through our Greater Good in Action website, we synthesize the best research-based methods for fostering happiness, resilience, kindness, and connection in everyday life, giving readers practical strategies for well-being in a format that’s easy to navigate and digest. And we also teach theses strategies through online courses, workshops, conferences, and other programs described on the GGSC’s organizational website.

About This Position

The Associate Editor will help edit and manage several of the GGSC’s online platforms—particularly its award-winning online magazine, Greater Good, as well its popular Greater Good in Action (GGIA) website—which collectively reach about one million people each month. They will be responsible for editing and/or writing Greater Good articles each month, editing and updating the content on GGIA (, and making occasional updates to the GGSC’s organizational website ( A particular focus of the position will be on producing content that feels relevant to and inclusive of culturally diverse audiences.

They will be hired as a full staff member, with benefits, on a two-year contract, with possibility of renewal. They will report to the Editor.

The majority of the Associate Editor’s time–roughly 70%—will be spent on Greater Good. In collaboration with Greater Good’s Editor and Managing Editor, the Associate Editor will research, develop, assign, edit, and write articles for the online magazine. They will be responsible for writing and/or editing roughly two articles per week, plus participating in weekly editorial meetings and discussions to generate ideas for new pieces, which they will have a hand in developing and assigning to outside writers or colleagues at the GGSC.

The Associate Editor will be assigned specific beats to develop—such as Workplaces, Diversity, Bridging Differences, or Education—based on their skills and interests. These beats will be integrated with their job title (e.g., Associate Editor, Workplaces and Diversity).

Much of the rest of their time will be focused on the Greater Good in Action website. Working with the GGSC’s Science Director and other collaborators, they will craft practical activities that promote social and emotional well-being, drawing on scientific studies that suggest the impact of these activities. Their goal will be to translate these research-based activities into terms that make them practical and accessible to general audiences.

The Associate Editor will write up and post 1-2 of these positive practices for GGIA each month, or edit drafts of practices written by GGSC colleagues, and also make periodic updates to other content on the site, particularly to align it with the latest scientific research. All of this work will have a strong focus on making GGIA content feel inclusive and relevant to people of diverse backgrounds. 

Additionally, they will make occasional updates to the GGSC’s organizational website, which describes and promotes its various programs, events, online courses, and other activities. While the GGSC’s marketing team and program directors drive the additions and updates to the GGSC site, the Associate Editor will occasionally support these webpage edits and updates.


How the Associate Editor spends their time might vary slightly week to week. However, the percentages below are approximate breakdowns of the position’s time.

Greater Good (~70% time)

  • Edit or write ~2 articles per week for Greater Good
  • Research and develop new article ideas for their own pieces or to assign to other writers
  • Identify new writers—including journalists or academics—who could contribute articles to Greater Good, with a particular focus on engaging a diverse group of writers
  • Join weekly editorial meetings to discuss new article ideas
  • Support the Editor and Managing Editor with planning the editorial calendar
  • Occasionally post articles and other content to Greater Good, including images
  • Contribute ideas for headlines, social media posts, and other ways to help promote the content they are producing, working in collaboration with the GGSC’s marketing team

Greater Good in Action (~25% time)

  • Work with the GGSC’s Science Director and other colleagues to identify new research that can be turned into GGIA practices ction (~25% time)
  • Write or edit new GGIA practices, with the goal of creating ~1-2 new practices each month
  • Post completed practices to the GGIA website
  • Update existing GGIA practices, particularly to incorporate new research findings and to make the content more inclusive of diverse communities
  • Edit copy in GGIA’s Pathway to Happiness program

GGSC Organizational Website (~5% time)

  • Support the GGSC marketing team and program directors in their updates to the GGSC organizational website, including the site homepage; webpages for new programs, events, and courses; and other program and organizational webpages (e.g, the Staff page, News & Announcements)

Required Qualifications

  • Significant experience developing, assigning, and editing articles for a diverse audience
  • Exceptional reporting and writing skills, particularly for making scientific research understandable to non-academic audiences
  • Some familiarity with the field we cover: the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of social and individual well-being
  • Strong interpersonal skills, particularly for navigating conflict and disagreement

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience reporting on psychological research for non-academic audiences,  particularly the field of positive psychology or related disciplines
  • Experience producing journalism that feels inclusive and respectful of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, particularly those that have been historically marginalized
  • Experience working with a content management system (eg., Expression Engine, Wordpress)
  • Familiarity with—and affinity for—the Greater Good Science Center’s mission and programs

Salary & Benefits

This is a monthly paid (exempt) position. Annual salary is commensurate with experience, within the range of $75,000 to $85,000.

This position also offers UC Berkeley’s wide array of high-quality benefit plans, including comprehensive health plans, a valuable pension plan, and optional retirement savings opportunities.

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University of California, please visit:

To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three writing samples, as a single attachment, to editor Jeremy Adam Smith at with the subject line “Application for Associate Editor.” The most important part of the application will be the writing samples.