The GGSC is Hiring a Director of Training!

January 16, 2018

The Greater Good Science Center is currently looking for a Director of Training to help us better serve the many organizations that want to apply “the science of a meaningful life” to their work.

To apply, you’ll need to submit your application through UC Berkeley’s Jobs page. Once you’re on the Jobs page, search for the position by its Job ID: 24370. More details below.


The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley (GGSC) studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society. Since 2001, it has served as a bridge between scientists and the public, turning research findings into practical resources for social and emotional well-being.

This position will serve as the GGSC’s Director of Training, which will teach individuals and organizations the GGSC’s research-based practices for happiness, resilience, kindness, and connection—with a particular focus on helping organizations build these skills more deeply into their programs and workplace culture. The successful candidate must possess a strong grasp of relevant science, an exceptional ability to communicate this science in a clear and engaging way, and a knack for making the science feel practical and actionable.

This is a full-time (100% time) position.


Public Speaking and Live Presentations (~50% of time):

  • Develop a variety of presentations, workshops, and trainings on GGSC themes, translating scientific findings into practical activities and exercises that meet clients’ needs
  • Customize and regularly (~2x/month) deliver these trainings in different settings, including at large companies, health care systems, public agencies, and conferences
  • Help develop and deliver content for the GGSC’s new multi-day training institutes, often in partnership with content experts in the fields of health care and business, building on the success of the GGSC’s existing Summer Institute for Educators
  • Review and recommend improvements to the talks and trainings developed by other GGSC staff, to ensure consistency of content and quality across GGSC public presentations

Consulting and Assessment (~30% of time):

  • Train influential figures within organizations (e.g., HR and workplace wellness staff) in best research-based practices for fostering kindness, connection, resilience, and happiness, including through coaching and by creating “train the trainer” materials and presentations
  • Working with the GGSC’s Science Director, help develop an organizational assessment process, whereby organizations can draw on existing scientific scales to help them identify the social-emotional needs of their staff and the impact of various programs and initiatives
  • Occasional (~2x/year) extended consulting/training engagements that could involve pre-/post-assessments of staff well-being within a partner organization, working closely with the GGSC’s Science Director

Online Resource Development (~10% of time):

  • Write occasionally (at least 1x/month) for the GGSC’s online magazine, Greater Good, focusing on the implications of GGSC science for businesses and workplaces
  • Support the GGSC’s development of new online courses that apply GGSC science to the workplace, particularly by drawing on content from the GGSC’s Greater Good in Action website and its Science of Happiness online course

Audience Research (~5% of time):

  • Help the GGSC better understand the social-emotional needs of professionals in business and health care settings, such as through occasional focus groups, surveys, and interviews
  • Occasionally attend conferences and other events hosted by external organizations to identify new speaking and training opportunities
  • Identify opportunities for special partnerships with other organizations focused on workplace training and/or leadership development

Administrative (~5% of time):

  • Attend GGSC staff meetings and participate in discussions about the organization’s operations and strategic direction
  • Help the GGSC’s Director of Operations track client payments from speaking and workshops

Required Qualifications

  • Exceptional public speaking and live presentation skills
  • Deep knowledge of the science of social and emotional well-being (e.g., the science of happiness, resilience, and prosocial behavior), including knowledge of current and seminal research findings, and an ability to relate the practical implications of that research to real-world contexts
  • Knowledge of organizational psychology
  • Deep familiarity with adult learning theory and best practices
  • Experience developing corporate trainings and workshops, preferably those that tailor science-based practices to professional contexts
  • Strong writing skills, particularly for making scientific research understandable to non-academic audiences
  • Strong interpersonal communication, presentation, and project management skills
  • The ability to adapt one’s communication and presentation style to a variety of audiences across sectors
  • Ability and willingness to travel (~4 nights/month)
  • Experience with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in the business and/or health care field
  • Experience in strategic, audience-specific curriculum design
  • Familiarity with scientific scales and other tools that assess individual and organizational well-being
  • Familiarity with best practices in online learning
  • A good graphic design sense, and/or experience working with graphic designers on slide presentations and other training materials
  • Familiarity with—and affinity for—the Greater Good Science Center’s mission and programs strongly preferred

Salary & Benefits

Salary commensurate with experience, within range of $80,000–$84,000.

The position provides UC Berkeley’s comprehensive benefits package. For more information on the benefits offered by the University, visit:

How to Apply

To apply, submit your application through UC Berkeley’s Jobs page, where you’ll need to search for this position by its Job ID: 24370.

Applications must be submitted through the UC Berkeley Jobs system in order to be considered.

Please submit your cover letter and resume as a single attachment when applying.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The University of California, Berkeley, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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