“State of Gratitude” Series for National Public Radio

November 22, 2013

The GGSC's coverage of gratitude is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation as part of our Expanding Gratitude project.

This holiday season, you might hear some words of thanks coming from your public radio station. They're part of a new series co-created by the Greater Good Science Center.

The series, called "The State of Gratitude," features eight 90-second pieces exploring different aspects of gratitude, such as the importance of gratitude in romantic relationships, in friendships, and in the workplace. They highlight insights gleaned from the scientific study of gratitude, prominently featuring many researchers who are part of the GGSC's Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude project, as well as several past contributors to Greater Good, including Adam Grant, Arlie Hochschild, and the GGSC's own Dacher Keltner.

The series was produced by the Peabody Award-winning Ben Manilla Productions (BMP), with reporting by radio journalist Caitlin Esch; the eight pieces are now being distributed by NPR to stations across the country. You might hear them incorporated into your NPR station's holiday pledge drive--but you can also stream them from the players below. Thank you for listening!

Gratitude and the Brain

Gratitude and Healing

Gratitude and Evolution

Gratitude in the Workplace

Gratitude and Relationships

Gratitude and Consumerism

Gratitude and Friendship (Part 1)

Gratitude and Friendship (Part 2)

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