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August 5, 2009

As many of you know, Greater Good is shifting to an online-only format, where we'll feature the same inspiring, science-based articles you've always enjoyed in the magazine. But with this transition, we're also adding new features to the magazine–and we're offering new benefits for those who want to join the Greater Good community.

In lieu of basic subscriptions to the online version of Greater Good, we are offering memberships to the Greater Good Science Center, which publishes the magazine. Memberships offer a greater range of benefits than subscriptions did, extending beyond access to Greater Good's unique articles. There are two different levels of one-year membership, Personal and Professoinal. Personal Members of the Greater Good Science Center receive:

  • Access to members-only content, including new Greater Good articles and videos
  • Members-only access to PDFs from the complete Greater Good archive
  • 10% discounts on Greater Good books, including Dacher Keltner's recent book, Born to Be Good, Senior Editor Jeremy Adam Smith's The Daddy Shift, GGSC Executive Director Christine Carter's forthcoming Raising Happiness, and the two Greater Good anthologies, to be published in early 2010
  • 10% discount on tickets to live and online Greater Good events, including our "Science of a Meaningful Life" seminar series
  • Our members-only Greater Good monthly e-newsletter
  • Discounts on services offered by Greater Good partner organizations, including Paul Ekman's world-renowned training tools to improve your emotion recognition skills.

On top of these benefits listed, Professional Members receive:

  • 20% discounts on Greater Good books and events—that's more than $25 off each Greater Good seminar you attend!
  • Access to members-only quarterly conference calls with GGSC editors, board members, and other thought leaders
  • A special listing on the GGSC's website, and recognition next to your comments on articles.

One-year Personal Memberships are $24.95. One-year Professional Memberships are $59.95.

Please note that several of these member benefits won't be available until after our website relaunch this fall; if you start your membership now, it won't expire until one year after these new benefits take effect. And those of you with existing Greater Good subscriptions will have your subscriptions automatically converted to Charter Personal Memberships–these will last for as long as your print subscription would have, from the time our new benfits become available.

Online membership registration will be available soon, but we are already accepting orders by phone. You can start a membership today by calling 510-642-2490.

For more information on GGSC membership, please email and put "Membership" in the subject line.

As always, thanks for being part of the Greater Good!

ps If you're already a subscriber to Greater Good, your subscription will be automatically converted to a Personal Membership. We'll need your email address to make sure you can take full advantage of the benefits of membership. To make sure we have it, click here and fill out the email signup form–be sure to include your Subscriber/Member ID #.

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