Greater Good is moving online!

March 10, 2009

Greater Good has grown more quickly, reaching a far wider audience, than we ever anticipated when we launched the magazine five years ago. We've been privileged to see the magazine become an important resource to so many readers, and our foremost goal is to continue to serve you, and many new readers, for as long as possible.

Now we're poised to take an important step with you toward that goal, extending our reach while also promoting the magazine's longevity. Greater Good will be shifting from its current print format to being an online-only magazine. We'll start publishing new, web-exclusive material this spring, and make the full transition to our expanded online format this summer. Our Winter 2009 issue will be our last in print.

We believe this move will unleash the full potential of Greater Good, offering a greater variety of practical tools and thoughtful perspectives, while also establishing a stronger community around the magazine. We'll be expanding the magazine's reach and impact at a fraction of our current costs. And we won't be leaving print altogether: In January of 2010, we'll publish the first in a series of Greater Good books, featuring some of the best material to have appeared in the magazine.

Our mission and focus will remain the same in our new format. We'll continue to offer unparalleled coverage of the science of a meaningful life, reporting on cutting edge findings into the roots of happiness, compassion, and altruism. And we'll continue to show how these findings can be applied to your personal and professional lives, enriching your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others.

But we'll also feature new multimedia content—videos, audio downloads—in a more dynamic format that's accessible to an even larger audience. Plus, the more cost-effective medium of the web will promote the magazine's sustainability—especially in such challenging economic times, when the state of the publishing world is changing rapidly.

To receive the new Greater Good via email, and to receive updates on our transition and other Greater Good news, please click here. You can also take this online reader survey to help shape our new format. (We will not share your email address with anyone.)

The enthusiasm of readers like you is what has driven Greater Good's rapid growth over these last five years, and it's the key to our future success. In this next stage of Greater Good's evolution, we look forward to delivering even more hope and inspiration to you and countless others.

We're truly grateful for your continued support.


Dacher Keltner & Jason Marsh

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