Announcing Upswell-GGSC Bridging Fellowship Opportunity

September 19, 2019

In partnership with Independent Sector, the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) is launching a new Bridging Fellowship program as part of Upswell Chicago, a three-day experience focused on how we can better address social issues together. The program is targeting community leaders in Chicago and Pittsburgh who are interested in bridging social or political divides. If you’re a changemaker who lives in or near one of those cities, and is committed to building bridges across lines of difference, including lines of race, religion, or political ideology—please apply!

Bridging Fellows will have their travel and registration costs covered to attend Upswell in Chicago, and they’ll be part of a community of 20 leaders who together learn new practices to bridge differences in their communities.

The GGSC will share with these Bridging Fellows some of the resources it has developed as part of its Bridging Differences initiative, and will organize at least one pre-Upswell call so that the Fellows can begin to get to know one another.

At Upswell, the Bridging Fellows will together participate in a 90-minute workshop in which the GGSC will share a prototype of a “Playbook” it has been developing, distilling the most practical skills and lessons from its Bridging Differences initiative and putting them into a format that is easy to distribute, digest, and act upon. The Bridging Fellows will discuss the skills covered by the Playbook and their relevance to their own work; share how they might be inclined or disinclined to use the Playbook; and offer suggestions for refining the content and design of the Playbook to maximize its wider adoption.

After the workshop, the GGSC will refine the Playbook based on the Fellows’ feedback and continue to follow up with them as a “community of practice” over three months after Upswell, following and supporting their efforts to apply the Playbook’s skills to their lives and work.

If you’re interested in applying for the Bridging Fellows program, please complete the Upswell Fellows application—then email the GGSC at to let us know that you’ve applied.

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